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Reducing angina symptoms

There are many ways to treat chronic angina. Your cardiologist may suggest one or more of the options below based on your symptoms, health, and medical history.1,10,11 Click on the tabs to learn more.

Lifestyle changes

There are important lifestyle changes you can make to help lower the number of angina episodes1:

  • Avoid eating so much that you feel stuffed, if your angina is triggered by large meals
  • Reduce stress in your daily life. Avoid stressful situations
  • Change your diet. Talk with your cardiologist about dietary changes that may be right for you
  • Quit smoking or using tobacco or nicotine in all forms (cigarettes, pipes, cigars, chewing tobacco)
  • Lose weight if you are overweight. Talk with your cardiologist before starting any weight loss program
  • Get more physically active. Talk with your cardiologist about what types of exercise or activity are right for you
  • Take all of your medicines as prescribed

The goal in treating chronic angina is to5:

  • Reduce or eliminate pain and discomfort
  • Allow a return to normal activities

*If you have angina that does not go away with rest or nitroglycerin, get emergency medical help right away.

If you still have angina even though you are getting treatment, talk with your doctor about your options.

The information on this website does not take the place of talking with your cardiologist or healthcare professional.

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