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What does angina feel like?

Angina is not the same for everyone. During an angina episode, most people feel discomfort or pain in their chest or the areas around the chest.1-3 Other people may have nausea or feel weak or short of breath.1,3

Angina syptoms

Exercise or emotional stress can bring these symptoms on. If they last only a few minutes and go away with rest or nitroglycerin, it is called chronic angina. If symptoms happen at rest or last longer than a few minutes, it could be unstable angina. In this case, you should get emergency medical help right away.* Unstable angina is serious. It can lead to a heart attack.

Tell your cardiologist if you are having any angina symptoms. Share how you are feeling. Let your cardiologist know how angina is affecting you both physically and emotionally.

*If you have angina that does not go away with rest or nitroglycerin, get emergency medical help right away.

If you still have angina even though you are getting treatment, talk with your doctor about your options.

The information on this website does not take the place of talking with your cardiologist or healthcare professional.

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